Thursday, 27 December 2012

Friday.. Back to Work...!

Wow, it's been a week since I was last at office. Time sure flies! 

Technically, it is already Friday but since I have yet to see my bed, it's still Thursday in my book :P I'm still unwinding, watching an episode of Witch Yoo Hee (a kdrama from way back) while having a midnight snack. After I'm done here, I'll have a quick look at my wardrobe to decide what to wear tomorrow, and then perhaps I'll hit the sack. I'm such a night owl... you can ask my mum and dad, they'll tell you that I've always been this way *reminded of how my parents were stopped by a security guard for going round and round the housing area in the middle of the night.. in their pajamas.. trying to get this tiny lil princess to fall asleep...hahaha!* 

So anyhow.. after attending my close friend's wedding, window shopping in inappropriate heels, family lunch, enjoying time at my parents', etc.. I have to mentally prepare myself to get back to work. It's weird, but it's always harder to return to work after a long break compared to a short one. Somehow, I feel as if my motivation level halved, lol. Does anyone else have that problem, or is it only me? Don't get me wrong, I like my job... I just, like my days off more :P hahaha...

It's 1.30am and I have prepared a list of things to do at work tomorrow (the list is invisible tho, mind you). I hope my friends will be there.. the workday is so much smoother when you have friends around, don't you think?   

For all of you who will be returning to your desks after a long break.. chin up! All play and no work makes you a unable to see the good things in life. Besides, it's only a few hours til the weekend, and New Year will be here soon. Don't forget to think about your resolutions - I've started jotting mine down already. The only problem is, I can't seem to find my resolutions for 2012 to cross out what I've done and what I have yet to do ;D Tick tock!


See, you can still have a bit of fun at the office... Lol!
This was all Uma's idea... she said "here, quick, put these glasses on", I handed her my cameraphone, she switched on the fan.. click click, 30 secs, done, ta da! haha.. 

Sorry it's a bit blur, it's a screenshot from a video ;) 
Gosh, my desk is a mess.. Busy time, people... busy time! 

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Perfection isn't everything... the heart counts

Dear Diary...

Yes, I am starting my post with a dear diary, lol.

I have so many things to write about but I'm a lil behind schedule, and I'm also in a bit of a lazy mood this evening. Lazy to the point that I don't even want to get my butt of this scrumptious sofa to get myself a drink -_-" mummyyyyyy!

hehehe... :D

This past week has been hectic (nothing new, however, somewhere along the way I came across this really beautiful duet by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson - Winter Song...

Such a beautiful song... simple, elegant, and absolutely stunningly melodic. Those two ladies have some amazing vocals... I'd kill to be able to be so melodic and to harmonize that well! 


Listening to that got me thinking... You know how I've always been rather obsessed with perfecting my singing, my pitching, belting, bla bla bla... I think I lost sight of the big picture - I was worrying so much about the technicalities that my singing became a bit robotic. Technically better, but lacking in heart, and melodic-ness. Where'd my sparkle go??

Thanks to Sara, Ingrid, and this beautiful tune, a light bulb lit above my head... I've realised that although perfecting my skills are essential, losing my 'sparkle' & 'heart' is too high a price to pay. If I can't feel the song, how am I to touch someone else's heart?

Okay, I'm exaggerating... my condition is not that bad. However, if I don't do something about it now, it might become a permanent habit... and that is what I'm trying to avoid.

So, it is time for me to make a change. 

#1. Remember to warm up and exercise my vocals and my body everyday.
#2. Feel the song that I'm singing.. really emote... and then, let the melody flow.
#3. Don't turn singing into a chore. The moment it feels that way, stop.
#4. Stop worrying excessively about all the technical mumbo jumbo and go crazy! Dance.. Act... do the things that makes singing fun ;)

That's all that I can think of for now. Although this post is predominantly about singing, I'm going to take this approach for everything in life. 

Take a moment and smell the roses <3

Love & hugs,
nad xoxo~

Sunday, 16 December 2012

M.A.C Glamour Daze launch & Nude Lip set review

Hey folks!

I probably should have reviewed this much, much earlier but I uhhh, was a bit tied up. lol.

By chance, on the 7th November 2012, I was assigned to 'look after' our SPIKES booth at the NICE exhibition, KLCC. Coincidentally, that week Maxis had a promo for Samsung SIIIs, and I was determined to find a white SIII for myself (promo priced, that is ;). Seeing as the Maxis Centre in Gardens and MidValley (my usual haunts) disappointed me by not having a WHITE SIII, and customer service wasn't that satisfactory either, I took the opportunity of being in KLCC to check it out there. So, once the exhibition was over, I grabbed my bags and zoomed over to Suria KLCC...

Long story short, as I had a couple of hours to kill while Maxis sorted out whatever they needed to sort out (service was SO much better in KLCC's Maxis Centre.. thank you for renewing my faith in Maxis!)... as I window shopped around Suria KLCC, I saw that M.A.C was setting up their stage for the launch of the Glamour Daze holiday collection. Awesome timing! :D

I really wanted to stay around and wait til the event started but since I would have to make the journey home alone via public transport, I couldn't wait. I did hang around til they started serving drinks to their invited guests (darn lucky people...argh!). I only managed to get 1 photo before my phone battery went flat, huhu. Nevermind, next time I guess. Besides, my feet were literally killing me in my new heels.

Before I left, I managed to get myself the Nude Lip Set, yay! I've been wanting to get that for ages now but because it's a limited edition item, I hadn't been able to find that particular shade.... until that moment. The Glamour Daze holiday collection is full of really lovely eye shadow, lipstick, gloss, blush, etc... I was tempted, I really really was! However, since I'm on a mission to save up for a new 'house', I only bought one item. I'm such a good girl, sometimes I amaze myself *hahahahahaha*

Bottom line: I love love love the lip set! For my skin tone, that shade of nude really works. I've tried several other brands but none of them 'fit' as nice as MAC's did. And... as part of the set, I got that really cute purse and cloth bag to go with it :D 

See? The colour is faint, but it's there. I do so love it! Suits me even better than anything in Estee Lauder's collection (and I am a huge EL fan! ;)

There are many ways you could use it, but I like the way the MAC makeup artist showed me during my 'makeover' back in August. First, you've got to colour your lips with the Boldly Bare Lip Pencil. It makes your lips more even toned and will also make the lipstick colour last longer.

Next, apply the Shy Girl Cremesheen lipstick all over. It has a lovely peach plus light brown tone - not too brown, not too pink... it's what I call "rich girl's makeup". Don't ask me why, but when I see that shade of nude, I'll always think of that line. It's probably the understated simple elegance of the colour, it gives a person the "expensive" look. Hmm, does that make sense to anyone other than myself? lol.

Last but not least, dab some of the Kiss Me Softly Cremesheen Glass on the middle part of your lips (not all over, just the middle). There should be a proper word to describe that part of the anatomy but at the moment, I can't recall what it is, huhu. Anyhow, the gloss is awesome! It will immediately cool your lips, and give it a wonderful sense of being moisurized, lightening the feel of the lipstick, on top of adding that little bit of shine and shimmer to your lips. You'll need to touch up your gloss a few times throughout the day as the gloss won't stay on for very long. Nevertheless, I loveeeee this lipglass!

This set is now permanently in my handbag. It doesn't matter where I go or what I'll be doing, I'll either wear it or bring it along, just in case. It's suitable for work, and also for those big events if you have any. You simply can't go wrong with the nude look!

It's RM165 well spent, no doubt about it :)


Friday, 14 December 2012

Girlie Day Out! Estee Lauder's MakeUp & Portrait Event 2012

Whoaaaa! A blog post! After the longest of time... lol!

I'm gonna make this less wordy coz as they say, a picture paints a thousand words... so, i'm assuming a video will paint about a million, no? 


Some behind the scenes photos... 

It's makeover time!

I do so love getting all made up, it makes me feel a million dollars, haha...~

I always believe that good and fun things happen when I go out looking nice ;) 

Oh, and below... 

Having fun pretending i'm some model, wheeee! :P I love taking photos, don't you?

Bits of our shopping trip after the Estee Lauder Makeup. It's such a shame to get all dolled up and not go anywhere, hehe. Oh, and by the way, Syaz's beautiful makeup was done all by herself. Can't say the same for mine, lol. 

Will update & write more about this soon.... gotta go get some lunch, my tummy is demanding attention, lol!