Thursday, 27 December 2012

Friday.. Back to Work...!

Wow, it's been a week since I was last at office. Time sure flies! 

Technically, it is already Friday but since I have yet to see my bed, it's still Thursday in my book :P I'm still unwinding, watching an episode of Witch Yoo Hee (a kdrama from way back) while having a midnight snack. After I'm done here, I'll have a quick look at my wardrobe to decide what to wear tomorrow, and then perhaps I'll hit the sack. I'm such a night owl... you can ask my mum and dad, they'll tell you that I've always been this way *reminded of how my parents were stopped by a security guard for going round and round the housing area in the middle of the night.. in their pajamas.. trying to get this tiny lil princess to fall asleep...hahaha!* 

So anyhow.. after attending my close friend's wedding, window shopping in inappropriate heels, family lunch, enjoying time at my parents', etc.. I have to mentally prepare myself to get back to work. It's weird, but it's always harder to return to work after a long break compared to a short one. Somehow, I feel as if my motivation level halved, lol. Does anyone else have that problem, or is it only me? Don't get me wrong, I like my job... I just, like my days off more :P hahaha...

It's 1.30am and I have prepared a list of things to do at work tomorrow (the list is invisible tho, mind you). I hope my friends will be there.. the workday is so much smoother when you have friends around, don't you think?   

For all of you who will be returning to your desks after a long break.. chin up! All play and no work makes you a unable to see the good things in life. Besides, it's only a few hours til the weekend, and New Year will be here soon. Don't forget to think about your resolutions - I've started jotting mine down already. The only problem is, I can't seem to find my resolutions for 2012 to cross out what I've done and what I have yet to do ;D Tick tock!


See, you can still have a bit of fun at the office... Lol!
This was all Uma's idea... she said "here, quick, put these glasses on", I handed her my cameraphone, she switched on the fan.. click click, 30 secs, done, ta da! haha.. 

Sorry it's a bit blur, it's a screenshot from a video ;) 
Gosh, my desk is a mess.. Busy time, people... busy time! 

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Perfection isn't everything... the heart counts

Dear Diary...

Yes, I am starting my post with a dear diary, lol.

I have so many things to write about but I'm a lil behind schedule, and I'm also in a bit of a lazy mood this evening. Lazy to the point that I don't even want to get my butt of this scrumptious sofa to get myself a drink -_-" mummyyyyyy!

hehehe... :D

This past week has been hectic (nothing new, however, somewhere along the way I came across this really beautiful duet by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson - Winter Song...

Such a beautiful song... simple, elegant, and absolutely stunningly melodic. Those two ladies have some amazing vocals... I'd kill to be able to be so melodic and to harmonize that well! 


Listening to that got me thinking... You know how I've always been rather obsessed with perfecting my singing, my pitching, belting, bla bla bla... I think I lost sight of the big picture - I was worrying so much about the technicalities that my singing became a bit robotic. Technically better, but lacking in heart, and melodic-ness. Where'd my sparkle go??

Thanks to Sara, Ingrid, and this beautiful tune, a light bulb lit above my head... I've realised that although perfecting my skills are essential, losing my 'sparkle' & 'heart' is too high a price to pay. If I can't feel the song, how am I to touch someone else's heart?

Okay, I'm exaggerating... my condition is not that bad. However, if I don't do something about it now, it might become a permanent habit... and that is what I'm trying to avoid.

So, it is time for me to make a change. 

#1. Remember to warm up and exercise my vocals and my body everyday.
#2. Feel the song that I'm singing.. really emote... and then, let the melody flow.
#3. Don't turn singing into a chore. The moment it feels that way, stop.
#4. Stop worrying excessively about all the technical mumbo jumbo and go crazy! Dance.. Act... do the things that makes singing fun ;)

That's all that I can think of for now. Although this post is predominantly about singing, I'm going to take this approach for everything in life. 

Take a moment and smell the roses <3

Love & hugs,
nad xoxo~

Sunday, 16 December 2012

M.A.C Glamour Daze launch & Nude Lip set review

Hey folks!

I probably should have reviewed this much, much earlier but I uhhh, was a bit tied up. lol.

By chance, on the 7th November 2012, I was assigned to 'look after' our SPIKES booth at the NICE exhibition, KLCC. Coincidentally, that week Maxis had a promo for Samsung SIIIs, and I was determined to find a white SIII for myself (promo priced, that is ;). Seeing as the Maxis Centre in Gardens and MidValley (my usual haunts) disappointed me by not having a WHITE SIII, and customer service wasn't that satisfactory either, I took the opportunity of being in KLCC to check it out there. So, once the exhibition was over, I grabbed my bags and zoomed over to Suria KLCC...

Long story short, as I had a couple of hours to kill while Maxis sorted out whatever they needed to sort out (service was SO much better in KLCC's Maxis Centre.. thank you for renewing my faith in Maxis!)... as I window shopped around Suria KLCC, I saw that M.A.C was setting up their stage for the launch of the Glamour Daze holiday collection. Awesome timing! :D

I really wanted to stay around and wait til the event started but since I would have to make the journey home alone via public transport, I couldn't wait. I did hang around til they started serving drinks to their invited guests (darn lucky people...argh!). I only managed to get 1 photo before my phone battery went flat, huhu. Nevermind, next time I guess. Besides, my feet were literally killing me in my new heels.

Before I left, I managed to get myself the Nude Lip Set, yay! I've been wanting to get that for ages now but because it's a limited edition item, I hadn't been able to find that particular shade.... until that moment. The Glamour Daze holiday collection is full of really lovely eye shadow, lipstick, gloss, blush, etc... I was tempted, I really really was! However, since I'm on a mission to save up for a new 'house', I only bought one item. I'm such a good girl, sometimes I amaze myself *hahahahahaha*

Bottom line: I love love love the lip set! For my skin tone, that shade of nude really works. I've tried several other brands but none of them 'fit' as nice as MAC's did. And... as part of the set, I got that really cute purse and cloth bag to go with it :D 

See? The colour is faint, but it's there. I do so love it! Suits me even better than anything in Estee Lauder's collection (and I am a huge EL fan! ;)

There are many ways you could use it, but I like the way the MAC makeup artist showed me during my 'makeover' back in August. First, you've got to colour your lips with the Boldly Bare Lip Pencil. It makes your lips more even toned and will also make the lipstick colour last longer.

Next, apply the Shy Girl Cremesheen lipstick all over. It has a lovely peach plus light brown tone - not too brown, not too pink... it's what I call "rich girl's makeup". Don't ask me why, but when I see that shade of nude, I'll always think of that line. It's probably the understated simple elegance of the colour, it gives a person the "expensive" look. Hmm, does that make sense to anyone other than myself? lol.

Last but not least, dab some of the Kiss Me Softly Cremesheen Glass on the middle part of your lips (not all over, just the middle). There should be a proper word to describe that part of the anatomy but at the moment, I can't recall what it is, huhu. Anyhow, the gloss is awesome! It will immediately cool your lips, and give it a wonderful sense of being moisurized, lightening the feel of the lipstick, on top of adding that little bit of shine and shimmer to your lips. You'll need to touch up your gloss a few times throughout the day as the gloss won't stay on for very long. Nevertheless, I loveeeee this lipglass!

This set is now permanently in my handbag. It doesn't matter where I go or what I'll be doing, I'll either wear it or bring it along, just in case. It's suitable for work, and also for those big events if you have any. You simply can't go wrong with the nude look!

It's RM165 well spent, no doubt about it :)


Friday, 14 December 2012

Girlie Day Out! Estee Lauder's MakeUp & Portrait Event 2012

Whoaaaa! A blog post! After the longest of time... lol!

I'm gonna make this less wordy coz as they say, a picture paints a thousand words... so, i'm assuming a video will paint about a million, no? 


Some behind the scenes photos... 

It's makeover time!

I do so love getting all made up, it makes me feel a million dollars, haha...~

I always believe that good and fun things happen when I go out looking nice ;) 

Oh, and below... 

Having fun pretending i'm some model, wheeee! :P I love taking photos, don't you?

Bits of our shopping trip after the Estee Lauder Makeup. It's such a shame to get all dolled up and not go anywhere, hehe. Oh, and by the way, Syaz's beautiful makeup was done all by herself. Can't say the same for mine, lol. 

Will update & write more about this soon.... gotta go get some lunch, my tummy is demanding attention, lol!


Friday, 23 November 2012

Blogging on the go..!

Holla, I'm back! ;)

Well, I did say I was going to update you about the Blogger app on my brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII, hehe..

I've only just installed this on my new phone. I had it on my previous Galaxy S but we had a bit of an 'incident' which I haven't forgiven it for..we haven't been friends for a while, huhu. That's a whole other story. Moving on...

I'm determined to write & post this whole thing from my phone using the Blogger app. It seems to have more functions & controls. Plus, the uploaded photo quality is miles better than using Blogger on Galaxy S. Here, have a look...

This screencapture was uploaded directly to Blogger using the app. It's in its original size, hence the hugeness of it, lol!
(I may have to move the pics using my lappy later coz I don't think they can do that on the S3 yet. Everything in blue are updates using my lappy after post had been published)

You can also change the quality & size of photos uploaded by changing the settings.  
I was gonna insert a photo from Picasa here but the blogger app can't do that yet.. you have to upload photos directly to Blogger.

And what's with the inconsistent italics??

Oh wait, I think the italic thingy fixes itself once you've finished typing ;)
(nope, it doesn't fix it ALL, lol! I guess you just have to go back and highlight anything that's not italic. Or, maybe it has something to do with my word predictor...hmm, i guess i have to go back to the app and try it later)

You can add links, capture images, upload a photo from your gallery, drop box app, or Astro file manager if you have it.

(I'm not 100% sure, but i think the link is only for pages within this blog. So, you won't be able to go to Facebook by clicking on that link, as I originally intended :P)

All in all, I think this is a cool lil app, which makes it easy to blog on the go. Don't expect too much fancy stuff, it does the basics & that should be sufficient to produce a good blog.

My verdict: it's a great download! Go get it & start blogging ;)


p/s  I don't know if this app has a character limit coz I think the Galaxy S did...that's how half of one of my reviews disappeared,  huhu. Gonna copy this before I save, just in case ;)

Friday, 16 November 2012

Good morning world! :)

Well, umm...looking at the clock, it doesn't seem as if there's much of a morning left at 11.23am, lol. Hey, don't judge.. I was awake a lot earlier.. I just.. lay about, watching Prosecutor Princess and didn't blog about it :P

I suppose it's time for another random post. I kinda felt like it.

It's Saturday but I have no plans yet. Aside from cleaning the house. And doing the laundry. And some grocery shopping. And practise my music. And and and... hah! I do have plans after all, lol. I spent quite a lot of money in the past 2-3 weeks so now I feel as though I should be grounded to avoid being tempted to buy more things. No outings, no shopping, the works. I'm just going to live a simple and quiet life and NOT go out of the house. Hahahahaa! At least not for the next few weeks until I get my next pay ;)

I'm not too worried about being grounded actually. My parents never enforced it on me. I guess I was a good child when I was younger... I only rebelled when I was older, lol. Being stuck at home has never bothered me because I have a gazillion things to do, and I'll always find something to keep me busy. If I'm too free, I'll even cook a proper meal voluntarily (and I absolutely dislike cooking.. it's a necessary evil!).

Right, time for me to sign off here & switch some lights on. Weather forecast of the hour: grey clouds and rain in KL *sigh* Let's hope it brightens up after some downpour ;) 

Happy Saturday folks! <3


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Bibimbap & kimchi soup @ The Street Cafe, Sunway Pyramid

Last Saturday, my friends and I were on a mission (well, to be honest, they were on a mission for shoes and bags... i already completed my mission a few days before...but, that's besides the point :P). We scoured Sunway Pyramid from top to toe looking for Yana's new pair of sandals. I've come to the conclusion that if it's not "your" season to buy shoes (or bags), it's really NOT your season - you just can't seem to find the right one to fit your style or feet. Take it from me, I usually buy bags at every opportunity, but I hadn't bought one in almost 3 years! Record breaking, I tell you.

Anyway, I'll tell you more our shopping expedition in another post (yes, I did buy...but in my defense, they were really really good buys!). Right now, I'm just gonna tell you about lunch ;)

On the top-most floor of Sunway Pyramid, opposite Aeon, you'll find the Asian Market. I think this is the first time I've really paid attention to that place, but I love it! More on that later, moving on. Deep inside the Asian Market, you'll find a number of food shops, kinda like a food court but hidden behind the numerous small shops selling clothes, bags, etc. The Street Cafe was our destination.

Having had a craving for kimchi soup ever since Gan let me try the one in Amcorp Mall (which was superb, btw), naturally I ordered the bbq chicken bibimbap + kimchi soup set for about RM22-something. Yana ordered a bbq beef bibimbap with additional kimchi soup, while Syaz decided on a chicken lunch box. There were so many choices, we spent many minutes trying to decide what to order, haha. 

Oh, and Korean tea for me :)

Mine: BBQ Chicken Bibimbap, kimchi soup, and some side dishes :D 
If I'm not mistaken, this shop has been mentioned in several media i.e. newspapers and food programs.. it's certified Halal and claims not to use any MSG (yay for me!).

The food was pretty good. I'm not much of a food reviewer, actually this would be my first attempt haha. Let's start with the bbq chicken bibimbap.

BBQ Chicken Bibimbap

They say a picture paints a thousand words so I'll let it do the talking. Yup, that's exactly what i got ;) It tasted good, especially if you like that sweet-ish honey sauce. I'm not such a big fan of that but having it with the kimchi totally worked for me. The kimchi was ooohhh so sour and spicy, it was perfect! hehe..

Kimchi soup...with tuna :)

Next, we have the kimchi soup. From our amateurish point of view, there are 2 types of kimchi soup in this world - ones which taste like assam pedas, or the ones that taste like tom yam. Personally, I like the tom yam kind coz that's how I roll, but Yana likes the assam pedas so I guess it all comes down to what suits your palate. This kimchi soup is of the assam pedas family, has tuna in it, and be sure to stir it properly before you eat otherwise it'll seem rather thin when in truth, all the good stuff which make the soup thicker is at the bottom. It's spicy, and because the bowl retains heat, your soup is hot for a long time. Yummy! 

My side dishes included kimchi, a bit of coleslaw thingy (i'm sure there's a korean name for it which i don't know, huhu), and some chicken sausages. It all fit in well with the dish, and I rather like the sausages, more than I did the bbq chicken (probably due to the fact that I don't really go for sweet sauces).

To be totally honest, I think the BBQ Beef Bibimbap which Yana had was more tasty compared to mine. 

BBQ Beef Bibimbap

It's almost identical to mine, except for the beef bits. The honey sauce suited the beef more than it did the chicken. Oh, and because her's was not a meal set, it came with some miso-like soup. Again, I have no idea what it's real name is but nevermind. 

And this was Syaz's order: Chicken Lunchbox. I think I might try this next time. See, I have intentions of going there again, lol.

Chicken Lunch Box

Mmm...looks good eh? Oh dear, I still see that sweet-sauce-covered-chicken pieces but I suppose a bite of kimchi makes the sweet sauce go down, sweet sauce go down, the sweet sauce go down... *to the tune of Just a Spoonful of Sugar from Mary Poppins* ;) 

Still, I think my fave Korean food shop thus far is still the one in Amcorp Mall. The kimchi soup is to die for! Not to mention that it's the tom yam type....ooohh heaven on Earth ;)

Til next time, 

Friday, 2 November 2012

Ed Sheeran - A Team (cover) by Nadia

Oohhhhh... I just saw that I could share from my SoundCloud dashboard directly to Blogger! Interesting... Let's see if this works ;)

Here's a little cover of Ed Sheeran's tune "A Team". Hope it turned out ok...

Back to my music, yeah! I'm so glad I got my new headphones, I couldn't do anything without them, huhu. Oh, and since I'm on the topic of headphones, I tried quite a number at the electrical stores and finally decided on a Sony MDR-PQ2 in grey (and pink,'s so cute!). 

It retails at RM179. Sound is pretty good.. at least, it fits what I'm looking for. I need headphones which are clear, and make the music sound a million dollars. This MDR-PQ2 is the best out of all that I tried (I only went to the electrical stores nearby, not special stores so my selection pool was a bit limited but within my budget). However (and this is a BIG however), these Sony headphones still can't beat my Sennheiser HD 201 which I had to retire due to a broken cord :( I'm gonna order another one from UK or wherever they have it, but til then, I'm glad to have the Sony set. 

Rest in peace my Sennheiser baby.. mama loves you!


Sunday, 28 October 2012

A Morning at Court

More random posting.

I'm sitting here in the PJ Magistrate Court with nothing much to do while waiting for 9am and for things to begin. So, I blog :P

Oh, and while I'm at it, I should mention that I wrote a perfectly good review blog last week BUT my Blogger app did a boo-boo and half of it has disappeared. Long story. Anyhow, not having saved my draft thinking it was all good and published, I have to put it together once more. Hang in there, it's coming, it's coming...

The trip to court today was a spur of the moment thing - I didn't plan to tag along but since one of my colleagues needed company, here I am.. haha. Thank goodness for good ol' pen, paper (for drafting.. I'm trying to preserve my phone's battery), and my ever faithful Galaxy S. What would we do to pass time if there was no internet on-the-go?

It's only my second time sitting in on mentions altho' I have waited outside a few times. This court, Mahkamah Majistret 5, is a pretty small space. You've got the magistrate's bench, interpreter's table, prosecutors/defence's desk (probably fits 6 people), long seat behind it, witness and accused stands, and another row of seats for those waiting about (namely, me). It's air-conditioned, has mic and speakers which is good coz it's darn hot in KL and I can barely hear some of these people without the PA system. Oh oh, don't forget the CCTVs too.

There are a few things to note about court:
  1. The Magistrate is 'da Boss' in their court room
  2. Black and white formal clothing is essential for the Prosecuting Officers (PO) and Defense Lawyers
  3. Witnesses and the public who are there to observe are exempted from the 'black & white' rule, but your attire must be decent (a girl wearing a rather lacy/see-thru blouse was shoo'd out of the court room by the Magistrate the last time I was there... yikes! total embarrassment...)
  4. Make sure your phone is off or totally silent
  5. Don't sit with your legs crossed - you'll be subtly reprimanded by the guards
  6. Everytime the Magistrate comes in or out, stand and bow as a sign of respect. Actually, I've observed that if someone inside the court wishes to leave while the Magistrate is still there, they would bow in her direction just before leaving the room.
  7. The officers will always begin by saying "dengan izin Tuan/Puan" (with your permission Sir/Madam)
I suspect there are still lots of things which I don't know and have yet to learn about etiquette at court. The good thing about tagging along is that I'll get more exposure and pick up bits along the way. The not so good part is that they (my more senior officers) would think that I know stuff and ask me to mention a case at some point in the future *gulp*. That thought totally freaks me out.

You're probably wondering why we're in court anyway. I mean, we're not lawyers right? Wrong! Pharmacists do everything. Lol. Yes, a number of us will investigate certain offences contravening our Acts (usually those related to advertisement of meds or devices with medical claims without approval, adulterated/ unregistered products, etc) and therefore, we are the ones to bring the cases to court.

Damn. And here I was thinking that a pharmacist's main role is to dispense medication and educate patients. How was I to guess that one day I may have to be a PO?

Life is weird and unexpected.


We've just been informed that the Magistrate is in a meeting. Oh well, we'll just have to wait then won't we? ;)

Signing off now. Til next time, adieu.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Temptations @ Ikano Power Centre, KL

Hello hello...

Darn, a week has zoomed by so quickly! How remiss of me to allow this baby blog of mine to gather dust, huhu..

Last Thursday evening, my sis & I were supposed to go to a dinner talk at Le Meridian. We did attempt to go but the traffic was horrendous.. and I mean, absolutely horrendous! Of course, we wanted to be productive in the car, in the dark, so we tried to capture that 'moment' on camera... haha..


The main point of the story is that we detoured to The Curve (& subsequently, Ikano Power Centre) for some much needed energy booster.. which was when we came across this lil stall called "Temptations".

It's situated right in front of The Brands Outlet. It's one of many simple stalls out there but it deserves a mention because... *drumroll please*... it sells hair accessories! Gorgeous lil things, apparently from Bali. 

Guess what I got for myself? Hair extensions...yippeee! 

I never thought there'd be a day when I'd be buying extensions. I should have known it could happen, but... it was so sudden! I saw it, I liked it, andddd I bought it lol.

They had a whole array to choose from... straight, curled, blonde, brown, red, etc. I was lucky that I came across one which was the same colour as my hair.. It has little clips along the top of the extension so you can put it on and take it off very easily, and without much fuss. The grip is pretty good too since I managed to wear it quite comfortably from 7am to 5pm at the office today ;) Who in their right mind wears extensions to office?? Oh right, girls who normally change their hair colour every season to avoid boredom & sadly, don't have that option anymore (office rules)... aka.. moi :P

Looks pretty real, doesn't it? A lot of people commented that my hair has grown real quick, or they asked where I curled my hair... Haha! So sweet :D 

I'll take a pic of the extension itself tomorrow. Forgot about that. Duh.

So far so good. Price was affordable (RM69 for mine, RM16 for the smaller pieces). It's supposed to last forever and ever, and they'll even repair the clip for you if it gets ruined with use. Somehow, I doubt the forever part but, I'll not argue lol. According to the sales girl, you can wash the extensions with hair conditioner and brush it with a special type of hairbrush. Hmm... I'm thinking i'll skip the washing. I have a suspicion it's going to get all tangled and icky after I wash it... or even brush it, for that matter, huuu... 

Hmm.. that's all for now. If I remember anything else, I'll update this post when I'm more awake ;) 

Cam-whoring in the car, while waiting for Uma to go home. I know I know, it all looks the same.. I blame it on the pedestrians making me feel self-conscious :P 


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mission: Zero Credit Card debt..yeaah!

Ohmigosh, I didn't realise how long it has been since my last post... really, what happened to Time??? Oh wait, don't answer that.. (k-drama, k-drama & Lee Jun-ki fever...huhu)...

Ahem.. Anyway, moving on..

At the start of every year, I would usually sit down & write out my new year's resolution or To Do List. You may wonder why I'm suddenly talking about this, I mean, it's not the end of the year nor is it the beginning of a new year. Well, as it turns out, I came across my list about a week ago hidden away in a Catch note file on my phone, huhu..

Item #1: Pay off all creadit card bills/debts

Yeah. Right. It's already October and my bills aren't getting any smaller *sigh* It was those series of unexpected expenses which totally threw me off budget. Once you've crossed the line and signed for more than you can pay in a month, your trouble begins. Yup. Take it from someone who has experienced it firsthand *gulp*. So, I've decided to take a major step - I'm taking a personal loan to pay it off, wheeee...

It probably sounds a bit odd - taking a debt to pay off another debt but if you think about it, most personal loans have an interest rate which is a LOT lower than credit card interest rates. Go have a look at your statements.. you'll agree with me then. 

If I take a loan big enough to clear off all of my outstanding balance (and whatever I plan to purchase within the next couple of months), I would be able to start afresh and only spend money which I have on hand (or, I know I will have by the time Pay Day arrives). 

I'd do the math here, but it might bore you. I'm pretty good at complexly weird only-I-can-understand-it math formulas..haha! 

In conclusion, *ahem again*, if you don't like the look of your credit card and bank statement balance, take action ASAP! The longer you put it off, the more tedious it would be to clear up the mess. Although I'm not exactly thrilled to be tied to a 2-year commitment, but I know this is a positive step for me. The loan isn't much, just enough to clear it all & save some. I'm a girl on a mission! lol.

Will let you know if my plan works after..umm..6 months? 1 year? Lol!

Wish me luck! 


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Kdrama 2012: Faith... with Lee Min-ho! :D

Yes, I have the Blogger app installed on my phone so that I can blog on the now, lol.
I was screening today's The Star paper and look what I found - "Doctor Gangnam-style", an article about the currently airing time travel kdrama Faith.... *aaahhhhhhh... Lee Min-ho, saranghaeyo!*

I'll update this post when I get home.
Back to work I go...whooosh! ;)
*** Update:

I hope you can read the article in the pic above.. it's a pretty good summary of the drama. I've watched up to episode 14 and I highly recommend it...hehe. Why? 

1) Lee Min-ho is SO cool in this drama! I watched Boys over Flowers before and I wasn't super duper impressed or attracted to Min-ho there, BUT I'm really loving how he acts out his character in this story. He has this total disregard for authority attitude, portraying a really intelligent, honorable and skilled General, who does have quite the temper but who cares about that when he's extremely good-looking? ;D 

2) Kim Hee-sun is the perfect lead actress. She's an adorably funny cosmetic surgeon with a lotta spunk. I thought it would be a bit awkward having the lead actress be 10 years older than the leading man (like in The Moon Embraces the Sun), however, the two of them have great chemistry and I really didn't notice the age gap while watching the show.. I was rather surprised when Wikipedia told me so, lol.

3) I like that this story has a plot... as in, it's not just another love story. Yes, it does have some element of romance (altho' at episode 14, there hasn't been many obvious scenes but you know that the feeling is there, just waiting to blossom *cough cough*). It makes me want to know what's gonna happen next. To be honest, it was such a gripping drama that I watched all 14 episodes overnight. I simply couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen.

4) The cast members fit their characters very well. I don't think there's anyone that I felt didn't fit in, they all acted out their roles very believably. And somehow, I felt like they introduced lil conflicts here and there that were really relatable. For example, Eun-soo is a doctor but before her 'journey' to the past, she only cared about treating the illness without sparing much emotion or empathy for her patients. Not to say that she's cold, but, there's more to treating a patient than merely stitching them up and giving them pills - you need to soothe their 'spirit', if you catch my drift. There's more, but I'll let you watch it to find out ;) 

5) Episode 15 is out today... I just can't wait for more!!!! 

The only downside to this show that I could think of is that it does contain some rather gruesome fighting scenes. Just a bit. Maybe it will appeal to the male population or action lovers as the choreography is beautiful and rather awesome, but, I find it a wee bit on the violent side at times.  The other thing I dislike, is that after 24 episodes there won't be any more :'(

***More Updates: Spoilers ahead.

- Faith has a happy ending..yay!! It's satisfying, and yet, not quite. Lol. I guess the only drama that I am completely satisfied with the ending is Queen In-Hyun's Man (must watch, must must MUST watch!). However, Faith had a decent, happy ending which gives the audience lee-way to make up your own storyline for the character's future..if that makes sense :P

I didn't like how they killed off Doctor Jang in the final 2 episodes, but I suppose it was necessary seeing as he had a surgery planned. But, they could have made a bit more impact seeing as he was quite an important character, i mean, he's the Royal Doctor so they should have made more fuss about it. Sigh.

Fun Facts: (with a lil help from Wikipedia)

Currently airing on SBS every Monday and Tuesday at 21:55.

Faith (Hangul:신의; RRShin-eui

Shin-eui (Hanja: 信義) means faith, as in belief in justice. 

In Hangul it also means divine healer or great doctor, a pun on "god" + "medicine", as a play on the medical and the fantastical, two major elements of the world. 

It’s a re-imagining of a what-if version of history, potentially changed on a massive scale by the actions of two individuals. 

Taglines: "Fantasy and history will meet. Person and person will meet. Person and heaven will meet." 

Described as the epic story of those that will shape a king and change the course of fate.

More plot summary: 

Choi Young is a bodyguard to the king (General of the Wudalchi, aka Royal Guard) in the mid-1300s of the Goryeo Dynasty. He’s 29 years old and has no regrets in life, no ambition for women or money, and whose hobby is sleeping. Because he lives a life of no regret and gave up on love to be an unflinching warrior, he’s not afraid of death (there's a reason behind the 'gave up on love') .Choi Young believes that people who don’t fear death needn’t spin their wheels scheming, so he takes that to the extreme — he’s a warrior who doesn’t strategize, so much as attack everything head-on. If he happens to succeed, great; if he fails and dies, so be it.

Yoo Eun-soo is a 33-year old plastic surgeon in the year 2012. She was originally a general surgeon, but quickly found that it was an overworked, under-paid profession and jumped ship to plastic surgery. Her dream is to someday open her own practice. But one day a strange man she thinks is dressed as a drama extra kidnaps her... and takes her back to the Goryeo era. In Goryeo, she is believed to be the apprentice of the famous Chinese surgeon, Hua Tuo and from heaven. Their love story spans centuries but also warring beliefs.

Cast members:
  • Lee Min-ho - General Choi Young
  • Kim Hee-sun - Yoo Eun-soo
  • Yoo Oh-sung - Ki Chul
  • Ryu Deok-hwan - King Gongmin
  • Park Se-yong - Queen Noguk
  • Phillip Lee - Jang Bin
  • Sung Hoon - Chun Eum-ja
  • Shin Eun-jung - Hwasuin
  • Lee Byung-joon - Jo Il-shin
  • Kim Mi-kyung - court lady Choi
  • Baek Kwang-doo - Bae Choong-seok
  • Kim Jong-mun - Oh Dae-man
  • Kang Chang-mook - Deol-bae
  • Yoon Kyun-sang - Deok-man
  • Kim Soo-yun - Deo-ki
  • Jung Yoo-chan - Joo Seok
  • Kwon Min - Ahn Do-chi
  • Ahn Jae-wook - Eun-soo's doctor ex-boyfriend (cameo, ep 1)
  • Oh Kwang-rok - fortune teller (cameo, ep 1)
  • Choi Min-soo - leader of Jeokwoldae (cameo, ep 4)

Written bySong Ji-na
Directed byKim Jong-hak
Shin Yong-hwi
CinematographySeok Deuk-won
Lee Young-cheol

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Lazy weekend: Talking about hairclips..

I just realised that it's been a while since I blogged... I blame it on having too much to do & too little time (plus the fact that all the things I did were really mundane daily stuff, huhu).. I was sharing a sofa with my sis in my parents' lounge, fiddling with my hairclip, it hit me that they don't make hair accessories like they once did. Take mine for's been in my collection for about 10 years! I can't deny that a stone has fallen off over the years BUT consider that it didn't cost me more than RM13 ;)


These days when I walk into Sinma or Chamelon, I'm dissapointed at not finding a pretty clip like in the past...and it kills me to have to pay RM20-30 for it, nooo...! You could find more accessories in higher end stores but of course the price would be higher.

So, sadly, my poor clips haven't been replaced in years...huhu... If any of you out there know of a good hairclip store in KL or online, pleaseee share... huhu.. Thanks!! Til next time... ;)

My fave hair clip... and my dad made a cameo appearance, lol!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Healthy Diet for Acne Treatment...

Well, we all know I'm slightly obsessed about my skin these days (damn that Vanilla Soufle Scrub!)... 

Last week a friend of mine introduced me to YouTube sensation Cassandra Bankson,  an inspiring young person who vlogs and does makeup tutorials on how to cover up acne, besides giving really useful info. You can Google her name, she's all over the web! 

As I was video-hopping her YouTube channel that night, I came across a video where she mentioned the relationship between diet and healthy skin. Being the studious person that I am *ahem*, it made me do some research on what food IS good for the skin.

There were lots and lots of websites and answers. This is a very short summary of my research; the nutrients which you should take to help with your acne/for healthy skin:
  • Chromium
  • Green tea
  • Omega-3
  • Milk Thistle
  • Selenium
  • Tomatoes and cucumbers
  • Vitamin A, C and E
  • Vitamin B complex 
  • Zinc
I'll list down the good sources I found at the end of this post so you can read it in detail if you wish. Perhaps when it's not 3am, I could put it all together in a more comprehensive post ;)

Well, you may be wondering wth is the point of telling me what nutrients i need without telling me where I can get it from? Aha! That's where the second part of my research comes in...

I took a walk to a nearby pharmacy and checked out all their multi-vit selection. Granted, there may have been more choices if I had gone to a bigger store but it's ok.. there's always Google and the internet for Plan B, lol.

This is not for advertising purposes but I'm still a bit wary of naming brands -_-" Please bear in mind that these are only supplements and cannot replace prescribed medication

1. A friend of mine says that Surbex Zinc is good for the skin. 
    Content: Vit B Complex, Zinc 15mg, Folic acid 400mcg, Vit C 750mg, Vit E

2. Blackmores Teen Multi for Girls. Yes, I do realise that I'm so not a teen anymore but the contents were good! This supplement contains all that I listed above. I have no idea if it's effective or not, but I'm giving it a shot since I doubt my daily diet is providing me with all the goodies my body needs (no fruit, minimal veg, lots of fast food... you bad, bad girl!)

3. Blackmores Women's Vitality. This is probably the adult version of the Teen Multi with the addition of Milk Thistle (for liver detox) but it's not available in Malaysia, unfortunately. 

4. Blackmores Bio Zinc was suggested by their naturopath as a good source of Vit A and Zinc (of all the products I've come across recently, I think this has the highest Zinc & Vit A content).

Zinc (from Zinc amino acid chelate) 14.9 mg
Magnesium phosphate 90 mg
Manganese (from Manganese amino acid chelate) 2 mg
Vitamin A2500 IU
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine hydrochloride)50 mg

Something a naturopath told me:
"Acne can be associated with hormonal imbalance and aggravated by ineffective elimination from the body, which may be related to a build up of toxins in the system due to an inability of the liver to effectively break down circulatory toxins. It can also be initiated by food sensitivities, poor diet and stress."
This takes me to...

5. Milk Thistle. From my searches today, it would appear that Milk Thistle is a good supplement for detox of the liver. In short, when your liver function is not up to par, it's unable to completely remove all the toxins from your body which would then cause some of these toxins to be eliminated through the skin. By improving liver function, these toxins wouldn't have to be removed from the body through the skin which would reduce skin irritation, etc. Some forums/blogs say that it's good for eczema too so I think I'm gonna get some tomorrow :D 

You should also eat a diet of low glycaemic index food. Basically, 
  • high glycaemic index = food which quickly releases a lot of sugar/glucose when broken down (i.e. white bread, refined rice) 


  • low glycaemic index = food which break down and release small amounts of sugar but over a longer period of time 
At least, that's what I can remember from my A-Level days, lol. Here's the linky:

Think low in simple carbohydrates, higher in protein.

There may be other products or diet good for the skin which I didn't get to look at... I'm merely sharing the results of my quick 'research' on that, hoping that perhaps it'll make your search a bit easier. Please do share if you've found out anything interesting... arigato! :)

Way past time for me to hit the sack...
Love & hugs,
nad xoxo~

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