Wednesday, 27 November 2013


I never would have thought so. I mean, I live in organised chaos... If I keep things in a tidy and conventionally organised manner, there's a very high chance I wouldn't be able to find what I was looking for... for instance, my brand new Sachs handbag.. my bank book.. mum's bracelet that I kept very very well *sigh*

Nevertheless, ever since I had my own room & bath, I noticed that once I've placed something in a certain place, I'd get a bit unsettled if someone moves it or doesn't put it back in the exact position. Omg, OCD-ness?

I'm not too worried tho.. I figure if it was OCD, I wouldn't be able to live in my home right now lol. Maybe I'm just a wee bit of a neat freak.. just a teeny bitsie. Everything else can be a mess but my bed has to be clear, my toiletries have their own designated spots.. my books are normally in some kind of arrangement.. & if my floor happens to be a bit messier than usual, I can live with that but I wouldn't be ecstatic about it (clear floors = more organised existence, better sleep habits.. lol).

Now I understand why I've never been one to crowd my walls with art or posters... Imagine how 'serabut' my brain would be once I got bored of all that decor.. huhu.

Gotta run.. I'm waiting for my hairdresser to get to work. Let's hope this new do turns out good ;)

Love & hugs,
nad xoxo~

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Jacket hunting!

Ohmigosh.. all I wanted was a chic short black almost-military style jacket... how hard could it be to find it? 

Errrr... very hard! 

I've been feeling that all the cardigans that I've been wearing recently aren't doing my style any favours so I wanted to get a jacket to move it up a notch. I expected a bit of a hunt to find that perfect jacket (which I pictured in my mind) however, I underestimated how difficult it would be to actually find it. 

I have this trait - once I've made up my mind about something, I'd want it STAT (or, yesterday even!)... I wouldn't be able to sit still until I get it done... It's quite irritating, to be honest -_-"

So... Yana & I decided to go on a shopping date ASAP; she for shoes, me for my jacket. Go!

Can you believe that after walking for about 8 hours (in 5" heels too, I might add), going around all floors, from the new wing to the old wing of the hugeeee One Utama, I still couldn't find what I was looking for?!

I made a second attempt a few days after that (alone and determined, ready to search all of Mid Valley & Gardens, if need be). I swear I walked into every single clothing store on the Ground floor, branded ones too (which I normally avoid). The jackets were either leather, wool, or way too expensive... and none with silver buttons & buckles T-T

Finally, finally... I found it! :D

THE Jacket - from Treats, 1st Floor Mid Valley Megamall

Well, it fit 98% of what I wanted anyway.. It was navy blue instead of black but that's ok since navy is the new black ;)

Mission accomplished. *insert some rousing & triumphant music here* :P

Just to note, the shops listed below had some awesome jackets & definitely deserve a mention.

1) The Mod House - has excellent, stylish and elegant jackets that fit me perfectly. Designs are a little on the formal side but it looks real smart, and has designs fit for autumn winter looks (since this is the season). Price is not crazy either, the ones I picked were between RM150 - RM230-ish. I like! :) 


2) Nichii - always has great jackets or cardigans at very good prices. Usually has a mix of formal and casual ones... even some 'in between' ones that you can dress up or down. My wardrobe has quite a significant number of Nichii-tagged attires ;) I'm not sure how long this promo will last but you can get 10% if you pay with a CIMB card.

3) Treats - new find! And the store with THE jacket :D Treats has some chic and funky stuff, I do love some of the lines that they carry. It even has those gel-like shoe insoles and the soft small blister-preventing plasters that you stick on the back of your shoes (they're really really good, trust me). And it even has 10% discount if you pay with a Citibank card. Yay!

I get 2 different looks, just by changing my jacket :D 

That's it from me.. Til next time! ;)

Nad xoxo

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality Energy Lotion Intense Moist - my One & Only Toner

The Nutritious Radiant Vitality Energy Lotion Intense Moist.. and it's lovely red box ;)

So this is how it goes…
(I’m writing this while my kdrama is paused and loading ;)

Back in around May, I bought my Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair serum. As usual, I waited til it was on offer and added on a lil bit extra to get more goodies… in this case, a travel sized cleanser, eye cream and toner. It wasn’t just any toner, it was the new Nutritious Radiant Vitality Energy Lotion Intense Moist (it’s a real mouthful that one! I’ve never been able to say the full name so I will call it Intense Moist from here onwards.. lol)  

Essentially, it’s a toner. I’ve been using it since then and I love it! So much so, that I succumbed to the impulse to buy a full sized bottle which retails at a whopping RM180 *faints*. 

Alright, let’s be fair…

#1. It wasn’t an impulse buy – I spent several days pondering the “to buy or not to buy” question
#2. The 4x 15ml sample bottles which I got as a gift after purchasing my cleanser not too long ago was NOT Intense Moist and started to make my skin tingly, irritated.. and a wee bit itchy :( I won’t be using that toner, that’s for sure
#3. It comes in a 200ml bottle so after doing the math (30ml lasted for around 6 months… divide, multiply..yada yada), I estimate it should be good for another 3 years
#4. Umm… it’s promotion time? 
Top: November Estee Lauder haul
Below: Gifts :)

Ultimately, I figured that the benefits outweigh the damage to my finances and bought it. Gulp. I may have to set up a little 'Estee Lauder account' when I do my budgeting :P

I’ve never been a fan of toners. Ask anyone, I’d be the first to question if a toner is really necessary. It was just serendipity that I got a bottle of Intense Moist for ‘free’ and decided to use it.

I won’t lie and say that I can see a difference when I use the Intense Moist (coz, let’s face it, unless there's a BIG sign, I don't notice nothing.. lol!). Although saying that, my skin has been in quite good shape these past few months (thank God, Alhamdulillah)... it might have something to do with the Intense Might, or maybe it's a combination of things. All I can say for sure is that I feel a difference, even if I can’t see it ;) 

I use my fingertips to dab on a few drops of Intense Moist twice a day after washing my face and I can immediately feel a soothing sensation, as if my skin is happily drinking up the Intense Moist. 

After the complete trio (toner, serum and moisturizer), I feel my skin is all so… I don’t even know all the right words to describe it, but it’s really nice and soft/supple. You know that SKII advert where the model taps her cheeks with her fingertips to show the 'bounce', while saying "doiing, doiing"? Yup, that’s exactly how I feel :D 

There were a couple of instances when I didn’t have my Intense Moist with me and had to go without... that's when I really noticed the difference – it was as if my serum and moisturizer were not being absorbed as efficiently (for lack of a better word). I didn’t feel that immediate softness as I did after the Intense Moist.

So… now that I know what it feels like with and without the Intense Moist, I seem to have stapled it into my daily skincare regime :)

Do I recommend it? Absolutely! If you can spare the cash, that is. 

There are 2 formulations, Intense Moist and Fresh Moist so, you’ll probably need to find what works best for you. I can only tell you about my personal experience :)

As for all the write up about the product, I will post a pic of the product insert so that you may read it for yourself (I don’t fancy retyping everything, lol). Here’s a link to a blog which also lists all other products in the Nutritious line, if you want to check it out.

That’s all from me. Love & hugs!

Nad xoxo~

p/s- get your magnifying lens out people..font size XXS, if there ever was one! lol

Saturday, 26 October 2013

InnerShine Prune Essence with Camu Camu

Happy Sunday everybody... Holla!

Let's begin :)

My sister has been taking InnerShine for some time so we’d always have some kept handy at my parents’. Every time I go home for a visit, my mum will hand each of us a bottle and say “here, have your daily dose of Vit C” lol.. thanks mum! :D

Anyhow, one day my mum gave me a 70ml bottle of it (it was huge…huge!) which I drank over 2 days…and later went on a quick trip to my fave Estee Lauder counter in Isetan, Gardens. After getting several compliments about how my skin has improved, I started to wonder if it could have been the InnerShine. Seriously? Is that possible? Or maybe it was just the shimmery blusher that I had on. I honestly couldn’t say coz I feel that I looked the same as always lol.

Nevertheless, I decided to give InnerShine a proper trial run. The experimentation begins!

I’m writing this after about 2 weeks’ worth of InnerShine, and a couple of super busy work-weeks.


À      Viscous, very thick.. I always drink water after it. To be honest, I pour some water into the bottle and drink from there – can’t waste even a single drop lol

À      Tastes just like prunes! I’m not a fan of prunes as compared to maybe blackcurrent (think Ribena) but after a few drinks, I’m getting used to the taste.

À      Some may say it’s a bit sour. As I like sour things, that wasn’t an issue for me. I find it quite sweet hence the water afterward.

À      It’s actually rather soothing on an itchy throat.. I happen to have this ticklish, itchy throat tonight and after I drank it (perhaps because of the sourness), my throat feels a bit relieved.. that’s multipurpose, I tell you ;)

The Pros:
·     Detox, i.e. good bowel movement 
·         Skin looks better, more radiant or something (dunno how true that is.. maybe it’s my makeup & not the InnerShine at all.. maybe it’s a bit of both.. besides, how DO they tell if someone’s skin looks more radiant? )
·         Eczema flare up / allergies are much, much better controlled. And for that reason alone, I think I’ll continue taking this.

The Cons:
·    Expensive!!!
·         Have to drink it continuously for good results (I’ve taken it on & off but after taking it continuously for nearly 2 weeks now, I can feel some difference)

The Ambivalent:

·         More energy? Keeps me awake? However, because I can’t sleep at night (I’m a night owl & am most active after 9pm lol), I get a bit groggy in the mornings… and I don’t eat as much. Between hunger and sleep, I always choose sleep – I’m one of those who can sleep even if I’m hungry. Nevertheless, I don’t “crash” as much in the evenings, not like I used to do so that’s another plus.

*Note* I’ve recently done a little experiment – I’ve started taking the InnerShine in the mornings or before noon. Early conclusion: I don’t need coffee/caffeine anymore lol. And it’s worn off by evening so I have no more trouble sleeping at night, yay. Let’s keep this up, fighting! ;)

·         Good source of vitamin C? Probably coz the absorbance is better from fruit extracts vs tablets.. I dunno, this is only my own opinion and not based on verified fact.

Altho this is a verrrryyyy expensive product, I may continue taking it in the next foreseeable future, at least while my budget allows. We’ll see what happens later on :) Who knows, if I feel the benefits outweigh the dent it causes in my wallet, I may have to add it to my budgeting hehe…

To save the environment, remember to put the cardboard boxes and glass bottles out for recycling. Every little helps :)

If you have any experience using this product, please do share.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Make-up shopping @ Yves Rocher, Alamanda

Hello all you lovely people!

If you've just celebrated Eid ul adha, Happy Eid to you :) My family and I almost didn't celebrate Eid this time around coz my younger sister got into a bit of an accident (she's alright, thank God, but it was a rather scary experience for all of us). It's a very long story which I'll probably save for another blog. Back to my trip to Yves Rocher...

My purchases today... don't they look pretty? :D 

This is the first time I've actually bothered stepping into the store.. I attribute the sudden motivation to the very pretty poster of a model with such lovely makeup on.. I can never resist pretty makeup arrrgghh! lol. From my limited knowledge about the store and their lines, I believe they carry all-natural beauty products (makeup and skincare) which are termed 'botanical beauty' (I guess that means 'plant based' products?). If I have time, I'll research more about them. However, since I wasn't super impressed with my purchases today, I'm not sure if that research will materialize - we'll have to wait and see ;) 

I know most people associate 'natural products' as 'good products', without side effects bla bla bla. Well, you may want to re-think that. Just because something is natural, doesn't mean it doesn't come with cautions, interactions, side effects.. this is especially true with traditional/herbal medicines..but again, that's a whole other topic. Back to makeup again.

Yves Rocher is reputed to be the no. 1 brand in France, even my mum knows about them. Sadly, there aren't all that many stores around here. The moment I stepped in, I had a similar feel as I would stepping in to say, Crabtree & Evelyn :) All pretty stuff. I zoomed in on the makeup counter, as the pretty makeup poster was what made me enter the store in the first place. Before I forget, the poster was about a 7-day makeup promo; buy three or more items and you'd get 30% discount on all items, free life-time membership if you spend over RM100.  

At the makeup counter.

Ooohhh MORE lovely lil things to check out. I was very intrigued by their lip glosses - those were pretty, a little on the viscous side but the new formulations were not too sticky, around RM50 plus. Tempted, but since I still have a gazillion lip glosses, I had to pass. Same goes for the awesome glitter dust thingys (RM69 each)... really fine and beautiful, bronze or white glitter, perfect for lil bits of shimmer.  

Next, let's go to items I did buy. 

The lip liners were kinda cute too. I've been wanting to expand my collectionas I only had 2, one MAC and another Estee Lauder - both which I love love love, in shades of nude. Figured it was an opportunity to expand my collection, get more colours etc. so I got myself 2 new ones..

From left: 02 Mauve, 08 Brun

After testing them at home,  I'm wondering if I didn't waste RM35 each on these pencils. There's nothing wrong with them, but then again, there's nothing really awesome about them either. Maybe it's just because once I put it on, the colours didn't "pop".. to me, the colours seem a little mature. Personally, I would much rather have makeup that makes me look younger and more vibrant rather than mature, but that's just me. Even after mixing them with some shimmery glosses or layering them with my Estee Lauder lipsticks, the colours weren't really my favourite. Oh well, I'll just experiment, see if I can get them to look better on me. They're not the softest of pencils, i did feel like I was colouring it in a bit but it's still ok. 

I couldn't test the eyeliner pencil which I bought (it's an absolutely beautiful shade of reddish brown named 03 Cuivre) but the colour looked fabulous when I put some on my hand at the store. I wasn't too sure about it once I put it on my eyelids but then the store didn't have the brightest lighting so I couldn't see well enough to make a good judgement. Anyway, I couldn't test it when I got home because the pencil is mouldy! Eeewww..! 

I suppose it was partly my fault for not checking properly but I never expected something like that to happen. Ever! Now I've got to go back and get it changed, etc.. what a hassle :( 

All bad stuff aside, there's one item which I'm very happy with...drumroll please! 

Introducing the gorgeous single eyeshadow - 11 Fleur d'Oranger! This lil baby is very smooth, has a very fine shimmer to it. I call it elegant and beautiful makeup. It's a clear winner. I'm so glad I went back to pick up this one.. I almost didn't buy it! I bought a very simple, almost 'not there' colour coz I intend to use it daily for work and I have a tendency of saving my Estee Lauder pallette for special occasions :D At RM45, this eyeshadow contains bamboo silica and is supposed to be long-lasting. According to the salesgirl, you have to put slightly more product as it's botanical but I don't really think that's necessary. To each their own, right? ;) 

Here's a swatch, so you can see the colours..

From left: eyeshadow, Brun, Mauve

I'll keep using some of these products that I've bought from time to time but we'll see if I will continue using them in the long run. Aside from the eyeshadow, I can't see anything else that I'd go back for. The service was really good tho. Must give credit where credit's due and the salesgirl was real nice, not too pushy, and did a great job :)  

Signing off for now. From now on, always ALWAYS remember to check your new makeup before leaving the stores... huhu... 

Love & hugs, have a great day all ♥
nad xoxo~

Monday, 23 September 2013

Nails & Manicures

It's me.. I'm back with a post today ;)

I apologise for how long it's been since my last post but I won't offer any've heard it all already huhu. I should have blogged about it but I guess I was preoccupied with other, more distressing, thoughts (meetings minutes work and more meetings.!)

Anyhow, my topic of the day is *drumroll please* MANICURES.

Note: this is pre-manicure photo ;)
I am so obsessed about smooth shiny nails. These days, they're all that occupy my Ok, I exaggerate but it's true - when my nails aren't shiny, I'll be thinking about how to make it shiny.. and if I see someone with shiny nails, I will wonder when or if she had a manicure >.<

I've never been enthusiastic about manicures. I mean, before I experienced it, I thought it would be fun to get your hands and nails pampered and cared for properly. During my first manicure earlier this year, I wasn't convinced it wasn't a waste of good money - all she did was remove my ruby red polish, file my nails, soak it in some salt bath thingy, and then start buffing. The end. *not such a happy bunny* 


After a week of looking at my sparkly shiny nails (let's not forget how much I love sparkly shiny stuff), I got a bit addicted to the point where I was extremely worried when my nail file slipped as I was reshaping my nails *gasps in horror*. 

I was rather impressed by how long the shine lasted after that first visit.. probably close to a month. Even after I applied a new coat of polish... and removed it, the shine was still there...faint, but still noticeable.  

That was it, a turning point in my life. The moment when I started thinking maybe manicures aren't a total waste of money after all. *nail parlours everywhere - ka-ching!*

So.. let's talk manicure.

I don't know all the technicalities of a manicure but I'll update this post if I find out later on. Basically....

"A manicure is a luxurious beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands that results in clean, soft and perfectly-polished nails. Both men and women get manicure treatments in salons and spas – not simply to keep their hands looking their best, but as a fun and inexpensive way to pamper themselves.
If you’ve never had a professional manicure before, here’s what you can expect:

First, a bit of maintenance work.

The first part of your manicure will involve cleaning, cutting and shaping your nails. Old nail polish will be removed, your nails will be cut and shaped and the surface of your nails will be smoothed out with a buffer. Your cuticles will also get a little TLC…first by softening them with a bit of cuticle oil and then by pushing them back with an orangewood stick. Depending on the type of manicure you’re getting, you may also be treated to a hand and arm massage or a moisturizing paraffin treatment."  [quoted from]

I have to say that almost everything shown in the video below (up to the point where polish is applied - I've never gotten a polish) was done by my manicurist, even at different nail parlours (ok, so I admit I've only had 3 manicures in my twenty-something years on earth.. and twice at the same place.. BUT I have been observing them ;). 

I'm gonna say that this is a very good guide for anyone who wants to know what basic manicures are all about. It's gonna be a bit tricky to do this all by yourself at home. Tricky, but not impossible, depending on how dedicated you are or how limited your budget is.

Personally, I think I'd only clip my nails.. probably file them if I can get a good emery board.. but there's no way I'm gonna soften and push back my cuticles on a weekly basis. N'uh... not happening baby. If I want the works, I'll pay some RM30 for it and relax while someone else does all the hard work *evil laugh*.

Buffing... now that, is a different story.

I just got my nails buffed recently and I wasn't as satisfied with it. After just 6 days, the shine was significantly diminished. From my past experience, I expected it to last for at least 2-3 weeks. Hey, it's not like I do laundry, and tonnes of dishes on a daily basis so manicures are supposed to last.

I decided to take matters into my own hands - I took the box thing and gave my nails a quick touch up. It shines like a diamond now, and I am a happy bunny.. with shiny nails :P

So, I would recommend you get a basic manicure at the parlour, and buff your own nails. It will save you a lot, and your shine will be as good as the effort you put in. I mean, you can watch your fave drama while buffing your nails... it's such good time management :D

Here's how the Nail Parlour do their buffing... (if I remember correctly).

First off, you're gonna need these things:

After you've done your basic manicure either at home or at the parlour, make sure your hands are clean and dry before you begin. Basically, you'll be buffing your nails with a gentle, side to side motion using the nail buffer block. Go from using the buffer with the roughest grit, to the finest/smoothest. Don't buff it too much with the rough buffer or you'll weaken your nails.

Or rather,

Step 1: Grey
Step 2: Green

Step 3: Pause. Put a teeny tiny bit of the pink buffing cream. A little goes a long way. Swipe it in a few times. You should start seeing the shine round about now

Step 4: White. Buff til you're satisfied with the shine.

In case you want to see how it's done, this video might help.

Apparently, you should buff your nails only once a month to prevent from thinning and weakening your nails. And before I forget, let me mention that some people have a natural shine to their nails. Sometimes, it's due to a person's diet - I observed that my nails had a healthy sheen to it while I was taking milk thistle supplements (liver detox and all that).

So there you have it. With this post, I hope I won't forget the steps to do my own manicure and buffing..and I hope it helps you too :D 


nad xoxo~

p/s - I should get paid for advertising lol. 
        Oh, and pedicures are a must! :P

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Throw your bulbs properly!

This is gonna be a really short post til later ;)

How many of you actually know why it's important to dispose your light bulbs properly? Not I....I just read this article today & I think it's important that we share this tidbit of info to keep ourselves & our environment safe.

Send your used bulbs to a 'bulb eater' (there's one in IKEA Mutiara Damansara) or at least tie it up in a plastic bag before you throw it to prevent mercury leakage from the bulb into the air and water in the earth.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

How to save money on haircuts - D.I.Y ;)


I've been thinking about having my hair trimmed for a couple of weeks now but I'm rather tight on budget. (I'm trying to keep to one of my resolutions which is not to get into debt.. at all.. so I pay off all my credit card bills in full every time.. which leaves me a lil short on free cash).

Also, I've come to realize that when I visit the hairdresser for a cut but I'm not really in the mood for it, I won't be completely satisfied with the end product. Perhaps because I tell the guy "yeah, just trim it a whatever you think is good, but I want to keep the length", which then makes them trim the ends a bit and that's it. Boring..! So not worth wasting RM 60-70 in a good salon. 

My solution? 

Grab a pair of scissors, comb, newspaper, mirror, and a comfortable chair. It's time to do-it-yourself ;)

Trust me, it works. All you have to do is cut your hair based on whatever style it was in previously. Trim it a bit here and there, and you're done! 

I must confess that I wasn't really in the mood to cut my own hair either so it was a bit of a lazy job..and I think the layering is a wee bit messy on one side (shhhh, don't spread the

Still, here are some before and after pics. Hahaha...


It's not too bad eh? I'm waiting for a day when I'm "feeling it" to get a really nice cut, but until then, I'm quite happy with what I've got. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do y'all.

Have a great week ahead!
Love & hugs..

nad xoxo~

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Resolutions...why are they so hard to keep?

Man, I can't believe it's been so long since my last post... 26 days?? wth?!

Time sure flies... Anyway,

As I was saying - Resolutions. Why oh why are they so hard to keep?

Let's rewind a lil bit. You see, I'm the kind of person who doesn't normally keep lists. However, if i do, I get a kick out of crossing things off *evil grin*. Every year I would write my new years resolution, fold it into a tiny piece of paper, hide it in my purse, wait for the new year to come by to cross off all the things I achieved, and carry forward those which I didn't (well, except for 2011 coz I lost the list, and 2012...coz i forgot to write one, haha)

This 2013, I'm slightly more techno savvy and I'm trying to save the trees by going paperless so my 2013 resolution is on my smartphone's memo pad :D (truth is, I have no space in my new purse - it doesn't have enough hidden compartments..haha). To make things more interesting, last week I decided to write a "mini-resolution"... it's sort of like a to-do list, but also like a new year's resolution list except that it's on a weekly basis rather than annually. I told you that I like to cross things off lists didn't I? hehehe...

Right. Here's where my grousing starts. I did excellently by keeping to everything on my list the first, & even better, on my 2nd day. Starting from the 3rd day onward, I deviated from my normal routine & bam! Out goes ALL my resolutions. So, my question is... why is it so hard to keep to them? The items on my list were all doable and practical, I should have no reason to find them hard. But then, whyyyyyyyyyyyy???

Is it just me, or is this a problem faced by the rest of Earth's population? Hmm...

Upon reflection, perhaps my problem is that I like things to go my way, for my own comfort or enjoyment... for example, I'm in the middle of watching a really great episode of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop kdrama and I really don't want to stop just because my list states that "Lappy and TV off at 1.15am latest" or, "Sleep by 1.30am", and so, my kdrama marathon continues while my resolutions list weeps... (and my eyebags become eye-suitcases, huhu)

So how should I deal with this? It's easy to say be more disciplined. But, HOW to be more disciplined? 

You know what, let's try this "mini-resolutions" thing again, but with a twist... This time, I'm going to write it on a piece of paper and stick it by my mirror. I mean, I look in the mirror many.. many.. many times a day (no no no, I'm not hopelessly vain, it's just that the mirror is strategically placed so that I always see it :P), it should serve as a good reminder, no? 

I'll let you know if I'm successful. Soon. Hmm, maybe I should write "blog at least twice a week" on my resolutions list, haha!

Have a great week all! 

Love & hugs,
nad xoxo~

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Staying fit...part 1

Hey hey, it's me

Happy New Year! Or rather, Survive the New Year! ;)

This is going to be a short one coz I'm supposed to be asleep already. Hah! Hasn't happened yet thanks to the nap I had earlier.

I made a whole long list of resolutions this's not even completed yet! Speaking of resolutions, one of the items on my list is to stay fit. Plus, I happened to have seen all the lovely toned bodies in the Victoria Secret fashion show and the Miss Universe pageant over the Christmas holiday (yes yes, I know they're models and all that rot, but it was just so inspiring! Hehe).

Besides, lately I have gotten into the habit of being a bit sedentary (watching kdrama, playing games, riding in cars instead of walking, not dancing, yada yada..). I'm not as fit as i once was - i can tell from the lack in stamina i feel. Huhu. That's not good *shakes head* So, this year, I'm making a change. Aja aja, fighting!


p/s - guess what? there's a part 2! Gonna check it out soon ;)