Thursday, 21 November 2013

Jacket hunting!

Ohmigosh.. all I wanted was a chic short black almost-military style jacket... how hard could it be to find it? 

Errrr... very hard! 

I've been feeling that all the cardigans that I've been wearing recently aren't doing my style any favours so I wanted to get a jacket to move it up a notch. I expected a bit of a hunt to find that perfect jacket (which I pictured in my mind) however, I underestimated how difficult it would be to actually find it. 

I have this trait - once I've made up my mind about something, I'd want it STAT (or, yesterday even!)... I wouldn't be able to sit still until I get it done... It's quite irritating, to be honest -_-"

So... Yana & I decided to go on a shopping date ASAP; she for shoes, me for my jacket. Go!

Can you believe that after walking for about 8 hours (in 5" heels too, I might add), going around all floors, from the new wing to the old wing of the hugeeee One Utama, I still couldn't find what I was looking for?!

I made a second attempt a few days after that (alone and determined, ready to search all of Mid Valley & Gardens, if need be). I swear I walked into every single clothing store on the Ground floor, branded ones too (which I normally avoid). The jackets were either leather, wool, or way too expensive... and none with silver buttons & buckles T-T

Finally, finally... I found it! :D

THE Jacket - from Treats, 1st Floor Mid Valley Megamall

Well, it fit 98% of what I wanted anyway.. It was navy blue instead of black but that's ok since navy is the new black ;)

Mission accomplished. *insert some rousing & triumphant music here* :P

Just to note, the shops listed below had some awesome jackets & definitely deserve a mention.

1) The Mod House - has excellent, stylish and elegant jackets that fit me perfectly. Designs are a little on the formal side but it looks real smart, and has designs fit for autumn winter looks (since this is the season). Price is not crazy either, the ones I picked were between RM150 - RM230-ish. I like! :) 


2) Nichii - always has great jackets or cardigans at very good prices. Usually has a mix of formal and casual ones... even some 'in between' ones that you can dress up or down. My wardrobe has quite a significant number of Nichii-tagged attires ;) I'm not sure how long this promo will last but you can get 10% if you pay with a CIMB card.

3) Treats - new find! And the store with THE jacket :D Treats has some chic and funky stuff, I do love some of the lines that they carry. It even has those gel-like shoe insoles and the soft small blister-preventing plasters that you stick on the back of your shoes (they're really really good, trust me). And it even has 10% discount if you pay with a Citibank card. Yay!

I get 2 different looks, just by changing my jacket :D 

That's it from me.. Til next time! ;)

Nad xoxo

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