Wednesday, 27 November 2013


I never would have thought so. I mean, I live in organised chaos... If I keep things in a tidy and conventionally organised manner, there's a very high chance I wouldn't be able to find what I was looking for... for instance, my brand new Sachs handbag.. my bank book.. mum's bracelet that I kept very very well *sigh*

Nevertheless, ever since I had my own room & bath, I noticed that once I've placed something in a certain place, I'd get a bit unsettled if someone moves it or doesn't put it back in the exact position. Omg, OCD-ness?

I'm not too worried tho.. I figure if it was OCD, I wouldn't be able to live in my home right now lol. Maybe I'm just a wee bit of a neat freak.. just a teeny bitsie. Everything else can be a mess but my bed has to be clear, my toiletries have their own designated spots.. my books are normally in some kind of arrangement.. & if my floor happens to be a bit messier than usual, I can live with that but I wouldn't be ecstatic about it (clear floors = more organised existence, better sleep habits.. lol).

Now I understand why I've never been one to crowd my walls with art or posters... Imagine how 'serabut' my brain would be once I got bored of all that decor.. huhu.

Gotta run.. I'm waiting for my hairdresser to get to work. Let's hope this new do turns out good ;)

Love & hugs,
nad xoxo~

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